COVID-19 Safe Car-Mitzvah

Asher was originally supposed to have his Bar Mitzvah in May 2020 at a his synagogue and a hotel, but with 2020 being 2020, we were forced to switch it up. And thank goodness we did cause it turned out amazing! We chose to plan a Drive-In style "car-mitzvah". Guests each got a beautifully boxed dinner and a gift bag and were then directed to the second floor of a parking garage. Guests were asked to stay in their cars throughout the service. They were treated to Asher's angelic voice performing his Bar Mitzvah while surrounded by 100 friends and family at a safe-distance. There was honking, flashing lights and a joy filled experience for all who attended. The grandmother of the Bar Mitzvah boy wrote in a letter after the event, " This was truly a celebration guests will never forget!