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Bonding over Zoom in the age of Coronavirus with this easy 5 Senses Quarantine Poem

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post since I joined Dana in the business 7 YEARS AGO!!! And just never really got around to it. Ha! Well, somehow now I’m feelin’ it. And somehow it isn’t about events.

Instead it is about connecting. In a way, I’ve always been about connecting. I am an event planner because I love bringing people together. I love to create memorable shared experiences and foster connections. Since the Big C came into our lives, and all large events have been indefinitely put on hold, I have found myself searching for new ways to connect. I have been loving my weekly zoom calls with friends and family and wanted a way to take that lifesaving connection to the next level.

So, for the foreseeable future, I am not going to be blogging about events, but instead ways to bring your connections and relationships to the next level over Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, Microsoft Teams or whatever video-conferencing app you have chosen as your lifeline. For simplicity, I will just refer to it as Zoom 😉

I present to you… The 5 Senses Quarantine Poem

Yup, I said Poem. Wait, don’t ditch me yet. Give me a chance and hear me out cause this is way cooler than you think it is going to be. Follow my instructions…

  1. Have everyone on your Zoom call grab a piece of paper and a pen.

  2. Have everyone write down their 5 senses:






  1. These senses are “topics”. Each line of your poems will start with “My quarantine is…”

  2. Then write down a memory/thought having to do with the sense during your quarantine. It could be meaningful, funny, happy, sad. Just let it reflect yourself in this moment.

This should take about 10-15 minutes for everyone to complete. When you are all done writing, have everyone read their poem aloud. If you have more than 10 people on your call you may want to break into smaller groups to read them.

Here are two examples by Dana and I to help you get started.

The first is by Dana

-My quarantine is watching my sink fill with dishes, couch fill with laundry and carpet fill with toys.

-My quarantine is kids laughing, screaming, crying.

-My quarantine is the smell of mushroom quiche on Etti’s birthday reaching me upstairs. The first thing I had smelled in over a month.

-My quarantine is feeling the sunshine as my family picnics each afternoon in the backyard.

She is so busted! She skipped taste. I’ll let her slide. And you get the idea.

And this one is by me, Marni

-My quarantine is watching my son zoom past me on his scooter as I hold my breath, hoping he doesn’t fall.

-My quarantine is hearing the pain in my mama friends’ voices talk about how hard this is.

-My quarantine is smelling the sour scent of my sourdough starter.

-My quarantine is tasting Murat’s delicious homemade pizza and comforting Turkish stews.

-My quarantine is feeling soft wisps of hair feathering my lips as I cuddle in bed for nap-time with my baby.

I hope this gave you some inspiration to make your video-conferencing calls more interesting. What are you all waiting for? On your next call, up your zoom game and write some quarantine poetry.

Hot tip: If you enjoyed this exercise, this poem format can really be applied in so many different ways. A group I did a trip with in December to Israel, did it about our trip and they came out amazing! Or you can apply it to your childhood. Or you can do it in remembrance of a person.

To show you how it can be done about a vacation, here is mine about my Israel trip.

My Israel is seeing the kotel in the distance with a huge glowing moon over head.

My Israel is hearing the waves crash on the Tel Aviv shoreline.

My Israel is smelling the stink of that dirt caked camel.

My Israel is the taste of creamy hummus dripping from my falafel.

My Israel is feeling the love of my new friends surrounding me as we sing Od yavo shalom aleinu.

Love you all! Stay safe and be well.

Marni from the Mitzvah Sisters


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